|Photo Roll|

Day 1: Rehearsal

Day 1. Rehearsal: Students rehearsed before the coming up game on Saturday

Day2. Learning Chinese

Day2. Learning Chinese: College student is correcting her answers from the Chinese quiz she took early this week

Victory goes to spartans

Day 3. Victory goes to Spartans: Michigan State Takes Down Wisconsin, 34-24

Day 4. Be amazed

Day 4. Be amazed: Be amazed by the things, the color we see everyday.

Day 5. Leaves

Day 5. Leaves: Pouring with water and they become tea

Day 6. One of those days

Day 6. After school: Students practice at the lawn before the game

Day7. A perfect sky

Day7. A perfect sky: the perfect combinition of blue and white over the sky

Day7. The five guys

Day8. The five guys: Opening day for Five Guys in East Lansing

Day 9. Tea Party

Day 9. Tea Party: It was nice to have a cup of tea in a sunny Friday afternoon.

Day 10. Pumpkin Candle

Day 10. Pumpkin Candle: Light up a candle in the pumpkin

Day 11. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Day 11. Mackinac Island, Michigan: A relaxing moment on the beautiful island

Day 12. Bright little Dandelion

Day 12. Bright little Dandelion: Bright little dandelion lights up the meads

Day 13. A glance of fall

Day 13. A glance of fall: The leaves start turning into different colors in their own paces.

Day 14. In a damp weather

Day 14. In a damp weather: The leaves have been washing down by the rain on the sidewalk.

Day 15. Before homecoming

Day 15. Before homecoming: A college student from the march band is rehersing for the homecoming game this Saturday.

Day 16. Homecoming Parade

Day 16. Homecoming Parade: Sparty looking good in the parade on Oct. 15

Day 16. Spartans beats the Illinios

Day 17. Spartans beats the Illinois: Spartans stay unbeaten with 26:6 win over Illinois on their homecoming game

Day 18. Winter is coming soon

Day 18. Winter is coming soon: When the leaves are gone, it is the time when winter comes

Day 19. Lights on

Day 19. Lights on: Light guides us to where we want to go

Day 20. When Drunk

Day 20. When Drunk: As title

Day 21. Rooms and roommates

Day 21. Rooms and roommates: A view inside the apartment near campus

Day 22. Behind the clouds

Day 22. Behind the clouds: Beautiful sunset view on the way home

Day23. Halloween

Day23. Halloween: A Halloween party at friend's house

Day 24. Away from mid-term

Day 24. Away from mid-term: A relaxing moment from the text book

Day 25. A kiss wall

Day 25. A kiss wall: A wall full of kisses in the bedroom

Day 26. A milk bottle

Day 26. A milk bottle: A milk bottle with a kitty

Day 27. Satellites

Day 27. Satellites: Bunch of satellites in the backyard of comm art building

Day 28. Text book

Day 28. Text book: A text book from an advertising class

Day 28. Ponyo

Day 29. Ponyo: A smart parrot from Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taiwan)

Day 30. Halloween bus

Day 30. Halloween bus: People dress up for the spcial day

Day 31. Instant fly

Day 31. Instant fly: Instant tatto of flies specially design for Halloween

Day 32. Flashlight

Day 32. Flashlight: A beautiful flashlight in a dark room (Taipei, Taiwan)

Day 32. Traffic

Day 33. Traffic: Two bikes and a fire truck block the street

Day 34. The end of fall

Day 34. The end of fall: Winter is almost coming as the temperature going down

Day 34. Poison

Day 35. Poison: The black drink has been popular for decades.

Day 36. Karaoke

Day 36. Karaoke: One of the most popular activities in Taiwan

Day 37. Library

Day 37. Library: A school library in San Diego

Day 38. Biggby Coffee

Day 38. Biggby Coffee: Biggby is a East Lansing based coffee franchise

Day 39. Matress boat: A student tried to sail through the river on a matress boat.

Day 40. School bus:

Day 40. School bus: School bus arrived

Day 41. Cata Bus

Day 41. Cata Bus: Cata bus is the city bus that runs in Lansing area

Day 42. Construction site

Day 42. Construction site: A construction site at Wells Hall, MSU.

Day 43. Bike

Day 43. Bike: Basic tool for transportation in school

Day 44. In Meijer

Day 44. In Meijer: Shopping at the nuber one grocery store in East Lansing

Day 45. Happy Birthday

Day 45. Happy Birthday: Hot-pot/Birthday party at a friend's house

Day 46. Screen Shot

Day 46. Screen Shot: A screen shot from a picuture taken in Nov. 12

Day 47. Postcard

Day 47. Postcard: A postcard from Barcelona, Spain

Day 48. Sox

Day 48. Sox: Time to wear some sox

Day 49. UC San Diego

Day 49. UC San Diego: Night in UCSD cafeteria

Day 50. Before the presentation

Day 50. Before the presentation: The dog was waiting outside before his presentation

Day 51. In Chinese class

Day 51. In Chinese class: Kids performed the song "two tigers" in Chinese

Day 51. Roses

Day 52. Roses: A vase of roses lighten up the deadly winter

Day 54. The wall

Day 54. The wall: A wall through memory

Day 55. Camera

Day 55. Camera: A Canon Power Shot

Day 55. Thanksgiving

Day 55. Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving party in the community center

Day 56. Peking Duck

Day 56. Peking Duck: Pecking duck in Chinatown Chicago

Day 57. Chicago Skyline

Day 57. Chicago Skyline: A night view of Chicago from a bar in the 96th floor

Day 58. Chicago highway

Day 58. Chicago highway: On the way back to East Lansing

Day 59. Autograph by Magic Johnson

Day 59. Autograph by Magic Johnson: An Autograph by Magic Johnson inside Starbucks, East Lansing

Day 60. Recorder

Day 60. Recorder: Camera and recorder are enssential

Day 61. Christmas lights

Day 61. Christmas lights: Christmas lights in November

Day 62. Snowy Day

Day 62. Snowy Day: A view from the apartment in a snowy day

Day 63. Kiwi

Day 63. Kiwi: one of the top fruit for Vitamin C.

Day 64. Winter day

Day 64. Winter: the first snowing week of the season.

Day 65. Andy's cat

Day 65. Andy's cat: Shot from the Andy Warhol's cats calendar

Day 66. Tissue Rose

Day 66. Tissue Rose: A tissue rose from a migician's hands

Day 67. Cooking

Day 67. Cooking: cooking at home becomes a routine for many graduate students

Day 68. Coal plant chemany

Day 68. Coal plant chimneys: Two chimneys in our campus

Day 69. Downtown Lansing

Day 69. Downtown Lansing: Silk bell status in downtown Lansing


Day 70. The graduation: The new graduates from fall 2010

Day 71. Window display

Day 71. Window display: A window display in the mall

Day 73. Snowman

Day 73. Snowman: Little snowman in a winter morning.

Day 74. The snow angels

Day 74. The snow angels: Two snow angels in campus

Day 75. Farewell Party

Day 75. Farewell Party: Farewell party for a friend

Day 76. Downtown Disney

Day 76. Downtown Disney: A night life in Downtown Disney, Orlando

Day 77. Hogwarts Express

Day 77. Hogwarts Express: Hogwarts Express in the Universal Studio, Orlando

Day 78. Key West

Day 78. Key West: On the way to Key West

Day 79. Sunrise

Day 79. Sunrise: A beautiful sunrise in Key West, Florida

Day 80. Everglades Alligator

Day 80. Everglades Alligator: The alligator is out from the river to enjoy the sunshine

Day 81. South Beach

Day 81. South Beach: Clear water in south beach

Day 82. Stone Crab

Day 82. Stone Crab: Lunch at the Joe's Stone Crab in Miami

Day 83. Baby Back Ribs

Day 83. Baby Back Ribs: Full baby back ribs in Phil's BBQ, San Diego

Day 84. Sunset La Jolla

Day 84. Sunset La Jolla: Beautiful sunset at La Jolla Cove

Day 85. MGM Grand Hotel

Day 85. MGM Grand Hotel: A lion icon in the lobby of MGM, Vegas

Day 86. Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Day 86. Paris Las Vegas Hotel: The replica Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas

Day 87. Hoover Dam

Day 87. Hoover Dam: The dam between the border of Arizona and Nevada

Day 88. Grand Canyon

Day 88. Grand Canyon: A viewpoint from South Rim, Grand Canyon

Day 89. Big Bear Mountain

Day 89. Big Bear Mountain: On Hwy 18 in Big Bear mountain

Day 90. Countdown to 2011

Day 90. Countdown to 2011: Last minute of 2010

Day 91: The Rose Parade

Day 91: The Rose Parade: National Flags in Rose Parade on the first day of 2011

Day 92. Chinese menu

Day 92. Chinese menu: A Chinese menu from a famous Chinese restaurant in San Diego

Day 95. Cabrillo National Monument

Day 95. Cabrillo National Monument: The sculpture of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first person in Europe who found San Diego

Day 96. Balboa Park

Day 96. Balboa Park: An urban park in downtown San Diego

Day 98. Bed

Day 98. The bed

Day 99. Potato pie

Day 99. Potato pie: Nice potato pie made by P. Wang

Day 100. 100th Day of EL

Day 100. 100th Day of EL: A snow writing on the deck in East Lansing


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