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I made a mistake. I guess this would eventually happen if I didn’t write my blog on the exact date that I should post. So I mess up with the date. Day 95 and 96 were disappeared for no reason, and I can’t just post a post between my posts… anyway… this is how I fixed it. Put three days on one post. That is just great…

Day 95. Cabrillo National Monument

Day 95. Cabrillo National Monument: The sculpture of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first person in Europe who found San Diego

Day 96. Balboa Park

Day 96. Balboa Park: An urban park in downtown San Diego


Day 93. Black Swan

Natalie Portman has this exquisite skills of managing the roles with complicated and challenging characteristic. From V for VendettaGoya’s Ghosts, to Black Swan 黑天鵝 (hei- tian- e/). Although the story is kind of rough for Black Swan, but her act is too outstanding to watch. I love her as an actress who can handle various characteristics. Sweet, dark, or sometimes bitchy (Closer, My Blueberry Nights). So which Natalie you like?


Day 71. Johnny Depp

Please don’t see the new movie “ The Tourist” if you love Johnny Depp. It was probably his worst movie ever. Not only his role sucks, his look in the movie was disappointed. If you thought you’re going to see the sexiest man alive, it is going to ruin your imagination com-ple-te-ly. Anyway, the movie, however, depicts the sexiest woman alive pretty well. Angelina Jolie is overperfect in the movie that almost apart from human species.

Day 71. Window display

Day 71. Window display: A window display in the mall

The only good things about the movie is the beautiful scenes from Venice 威尼斯 (wēi ní sī)and the ending song by Muse. Please don’t see the movie.

Oh, I just found out that one of the screenplay writers is from “The Usual Suspects “. Disappointed + 10000000!!!

Day 64. Almost Famous

When JY asked me which parts of the movie you like the best? My reply is like the one Russel replied in the movie about music: “everything.”

It would be too difficult to write a review about a movie you really like. Because it’s just too subjective. Anyway,  this movie travels with me to the birth place of many great rock ‘n’ roll music搖滾樂 (yao/ gunV yue\).

Penny Lane: It’s all happening. ~ Almost Famous

Day 64. Carps

Day 64. Carps: Carps in Taiwan. Photo by Ying-Chi Huang.

Day 63. Billy Elliot

Hey, if you’re looking for the Broadway of the year, Billy Elliot is definitely one of the must-sees. Personally I think all the musicals are great. It’s hard to get disappointed after walking out from the theater. If you like the movie, the musical version is probably going to win your heart again. Besides kids’ dazzling dance performance, it’s funny to see how they curse in British ascent. You’ll also find people smoke a lot on the stage, which is absolutely wired to see both kids and smokers on the stages. I love the theme, the mixture of the music and the scenes, the acting, the dancing, especially the dancing from a 11-year-old kid. It’s now my must-see-again musical.

Billy: “I don’t want a childhood. I want to be a ballet dancer.” ~ From Billy Elliot

Day 63. Kiwi

Day 63. Kiwi: one of the top fruit for Vitamin C.

A fun fact today, if you want to have your kiwi 奇異果 (qi/ yi\ guoV) becomes soft and sweet, put an apple next to it. This will catalyze the kiwi and makes it matured before eating.

Day 62. Night and Fog

Day 62. Snowy Day

Day 62. Snowy Day: A view from the apartment in a snowy day

Today, I witnessed a most horrifying film I’ve ever seen. Night and Fog was a documentary made in 1955 talking about the Nazi Death Camp during WWII. It was difficult to watch because the film captured so many horrible things that Nazi 納粹 (na\ cui\) had done to the Jews. I had to look away from the screen several times to finish the film. It really shows how human is capable of. The holocaust was just one of the horrible things happened in the world. It is also the most well known de-humanity event in history. I shouldn’t say that, but thanks to the image and video which recorded the event, the rest of the world could witness it, condemn such behavior and share the pain. For most events without any image documentation, the victims remain buried, the history got lost in our memory.

Day 55. Comedy

So hey, look, there’s my camera! I feel really sorry for it because I just bought it last winter, but looks like it has been through a lot. So basically most of the pictures in the blog is done by this little Cannon, unretouched, no flash. These are the principles of being a photo journalism. Providing the realness of what’s happening around us. But since I’m not in the profession, it’s really just a exercise for me.

Day 55. Camera

Day 55. Camera: A Canon Power Shot

Anyway,  today I was watching Glee and then I’m curious about the constant commercials of a following TV comedy so I continue to watch this program called “Raising Hope.” It’s really kind of comedy that I love, such as “The office” and “My Name is Earl.” So, it’s good to watch this comedy after the sad Glee 歡樂合唱團 show today.




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