Day 100. The 100th day of East Lansing

Day 100. 100th Day of EL

Day 100. 100th Day of EL: A snow writing on the deck in East Lansing

第一百天 (dì yī bǎi tiān )

Thanks for all of you who are willing to share your time with me in this tinny little city called East Lansing. Although the blog is over, the journey never end. I’ll love to see another 100 days of somewhere by you, me, or any other people around the world someday in the future.

It’s time to say goodbye, goodnight, and good luck!

Thank you again.


Day 98. Welcome back!

The trip from day 76 to day 98 has been an amazing trip. Now, back to my little room in Spartan Village, I feel like my life couldn’t be better without all of my family, friends, people, places around me. :)

Day 98. Bed

Day 98. The bed

Tired, so goodnight.

Day 97. Santa Monica Beach

It’s nice to end the winter trip in a beautiful place like Santa Monica, CA. To my surprise, it is THE most fashionable beach I’ve ever been. People here are young and hip. Girls wear high heeled boots instead of flipflops while guys wear branded clothes instead of souvenir T-shirts. It’s not a highly commercialized beach. If Virginia Beach is Time Square, then Santa Monica is our SOHO.

Day 97. Santa Monica

Day 97. Santa Monica: Ocean view from Santa Monica Pier

Day 92. The menu

Day 92. Chinese menu

Day 92. Chinese menu: A Chinese menu from a famous Chinese restaurant in San Diego

Finally, I can have some Chinese breakfast. But look at the price. Ouch 噢 (ou\)!

By the way, today, our Japanese friends cooked us Japanese Curry. They told us some language barriers that we didn’t notice when we say it. Such as, Chinese like to say ” 蛤 (ha/)” a lot when they don’t understand something, or they feel unbelievable. We say it without notice that people from other country don’t understand what that means.

Also, we tend to say “那個 (na\ ge)” a lot when speaking Chinese. However, the sound of 那個 (na\ ge) is close to “negro,” which is a really bad word to say it in English (It is a serious racist word referring to black people). So yeah, we might say something sounds terrible in the past without notice. I should pay more attention not to say 那個 too often…:p

Day 86. What happen in Vegas

We have a conclusion for Vegas: It is adults’ Disney World. Most of the things you enjoy here is specifically design for adults. Gambling, clubbing, shopping, adult shows, luxury hotels, you name it, are all designed for over 21s. I can’t believe that those people who bring kids to Vegas, I think there might be some places that offer baby sitting while their parents can enjoy the real taste of Vegas. Come to Vegas, where the dream come true 美夢成真 (meiV meng\ cheng/zhen-)!

Day 86. Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Day 86. Paris Las Vegas Hotel: The replica Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas

Day 85. Vegas, Baby!

After watching five years of CSI, I can finally go to the sin city myself and experience the most sensational city of the world. Here I come, Las Vegas!

Day 85. MGM Grand Hotel

Day 85. MGM Grand Hotel: A lion icon in the lobby of MGM, Vegas

And yes, I can do everything because I am over 21, hee hee!

Day 84. Merry X’mas

Day 84. Sunset La Jolla

Day 84. Sunset La Jolla: Beautiful sunset at La Jolla Cove

Since last time I have Pecking Duck for Thanks giving, this time I have Chinese hot pot for Christmas. It is much more convenient to live in California than in Michigan. We got Little Sheep (小肥羊) broth and everything we needed for Chinese hot pot. Though we don’t have snow and Christmas tree in San Diego, friends, food and happiness were full in our hearts of all international students.

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