Day 92. The menu

Day 92. Chinese menu

Day 92. Chinese menu: A Chinese menu from a famous Chinese restaurant in San Diego

Finally, I can have some Chinese breakfast. But look at the price. Ouch 噢 (ou\)!

By the way, today, our Japanese friends cooked us Japanese Curry. They told us some language barriers that we didn’t notice when we say it. Such as, Chinese like to say ” 蛤 (ha/)” a lot when they don’t understand something, or they feel unbelievable. We say it without notice that people from other country don’t understand what that means.

Also, we tend to say “那個 (na\ ge)” a lot when speaking Chinese. However, the sound of 那個 (na\ ge) is close to “negro,” which is a really bad word to say it in English (It is a serious racist word referring to black people). So yeah, we might say something sounds terrible in the past without notice. I should pay more attention not to say 那個 too often…:p


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