Day 83. American food

It is funny that when we were in Taiwan, American food is considered some kind of high class food, even McDonald’s.  I remember that when I was young, we only went to McDonald’s during special days, such as going on trip or celebrating birthday. Kids will envy those other kids that have McDonald’s delivery by their parents in elementary school. Same thing happens to other American fast food chain. Because thy are imports, compare to the local food, they are exotic and special, and expensive.

However, now that I come to the U.S fast food is the most cheapest thing you can get here. American food is not special at all. On the contrary, local Taiwanese food is considered precious here. Last summer, I went to New York City for a trip, one of the purpose of going to NY is to have the local Taiwanese food in Flushing, Queens. I remember my sister and I were dying to have a bite of stinky tofu 臭豆腐 (chou\ dou \ fuV)so we have to come all the way to NY to have it. So there, we had a semi delicious stinky tofu in a nice restaurant. I forgot how it was cost, but definitely not $1 US dollar when you can have it in Taiwan.

Day 83. Baby Back Ribs

Day 83. Baby Back Ribs: Full baby back ribs in Phil's BBQ, San Diego

Thank god that I’m in California, a place I can get some authentic Chinese food. Even it costs, I won’t care.



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