Day 71. Johnny Depp

Please don’t see the new movie “ The Tourist” if you love Johnny Depp. It was probably his worst movie ever. Not only his role sucks, his look in the movie was disappointed. If you thought you’re going to see the sexiest man alive, it is going to ruin your imagination com-ple-te-ly. Anyway, the movie, however, depicts the sexiest woman alive pretty well. Angelina Jolie is overperfect in the movie that almost apart from human species.

Day 71. Window display

Day 71. Window display: A window display in the mall

The only good things about the movie is the beautiful scenes from Venice 威尼斯 (wēi ní sī)and the ending song by Muse. Please don’t see the movie.

Oh, I just found out that one of the screenplay writers is from “The Usual Suspects “. Disappointed + 10000000!!!


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