Day 65. Eat · Diet · Eat

Day 65. Andy's cat

Day 65. Andy's cat: Shot from the Andy Warhol's cats calendar

I am a big sucker for lunch box 便當 (bian\ dang-). Thank god that I’m lucky enough to live in the lunch box heaven in the past 25 years. About 2 minutes walk from my home in Taichung, there’s street full of restaurants and beverage stands. Pork Chop 排骨飯 (pai/ guV fan\ )is my favorite, whereas Fried Chicken 雞排飯 (ji- pai/ fan\) is my brother’s favorite. Today, I had a Japanese lunch box. It was good but cost about $7 per box. In Taiwan, less than $2 you can buy a pretty big lunch box with a BIG pork chop, sometimes they even give you free drink and soup.

I miss lunch box so bad, it hurts. :'(


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