Day 62. Night and Fog

Day 62. Snowy Day

Day 62. Snowy Day: A view from the apartment in a snowy day

Today, I witnessed a most horrifying film I’ve ever seen. Night and Fog was a documentary made in 1955 talking about the Nazi Death Camp during WWII. It was difficult to watch because the film captured so many horrible things that Nazi 納粹 (na\ cui\) had done to the Jews. I had to look away from the screen several times to finish the film. It really shows how human is capable of. The holocaust was just one of the horrible things happened in the world. It is also the most well known de-humanity event in history. I shouldn’t say that, but thanks to the image and video which recorded the event, the rest of the world could witness it, condemn such behavior and share the pain. For most events without any image documentation, the victims remain buried, the history got lost in our memory.


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