Day 57. Black Friday

Day 57. Chicago Skyline

Day 57. Chicago Skyline: A night view of Chicago from a bar in the 96th floor

I have to admit that I’m really not a crazy shopper. Black Friday 黑色星期五 is the day following the Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. It is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Many stores open early today, some open at 4a.m. Crazy shoppers will spend the night before the store open. Usually the stores will have pretty big sales and limited items for those early birds. It is a crazy day in the U.S, every store opens and every employees in the retail industry has to work that day to serve tons of customers.

As for me, I went to Michigan Ave. in Chicago, but I am a late bird, I went their in the afternoon. Most of the good stuff are gone, and I’m bad in finding good deals, so at the end, I only got a bag and and eye liner. Both of them have no discount. :(


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