Day 55. Comedy

So hey, look, there’s my camera! I feel really sorry for it because I just bought it last winter, but looks like it has been through a lot. So basically most of the pictures in the blog is done by this little Cannon, unretouched, no flash. These are the principles of being a photo journalism. Providing the realness of what’s happening around us. But since I’m not in the profession, it’s really just a exercise for me.

Day 55. Camera

Day 55. Camera: A Canon Power Shot

Anyway,  today I was watching Glee and then I’m curious about the constant commercials of a following TV comedy so I continue to watch this program called “Raising Hope.” It’s really kind of comedy that I love, such as “The office” and “My Name is Earl.” So, it’s good to watch this comedy after the sad Glee 歡樂合唱團 show today.





2 thoughts on “Day 55. Comedy

  1. Hey~ I bought my camera “Nikon” recently,and I find it’s not easy to understand all functions the camera can do . Maybe we can share some experiences one day : )

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