Day 49. Advice

Day 49. UC San Diego

Day 49. UC San Diego: Night in UCSD cafeteria

I have a serious advice to the guys: if you was rejected by your classmate, don’t try to ask another girl out in the same class.

You know what, even if it is a 60 students class, people knows each other, and they talk. So your creepy, obsessive text, voice mail or your behavior might end up being laughed at by those girls. I can’t believe that not until the end of the semester, the guy has already asked three  girls out after being rejected by the first two. Seriously, why this class? why so needy?

Feel sorry about the third girl who doesn’t know that she is the third one. Women are naive. They thought you ask them out because they are special 特別 (te\ bie/). But let’s face the ugly truth. Some guys just want to get laid, especially those creepy ones.


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