Day 46. It’s all about cars

Last week I did the car theme for the blog (did anyone notice?). It started from a school bus on Monday and end with a shopping cart on Friday. If you know where East Lansing is, you probably know why I pick the “car” theme. Michigan is known for its automobile industry, a birthplace for Ford and GM. You wouldn’t be surprise to read a lot of the case study talking about cars. I’m not really a car fan, to be honest. I super love Pixar, but I skip the only one with bunch of cars. I’m almost 26 but have no driver license. I’m too dependent on my feet.

Day 46. Screen Shot

Day 46. Screen Shot: A screen shot from a picuture taken in Nov. 12

Sorry I cheated today. Taking photo from another camera. You know there’s an artist who took a photo like this with bunch of digital camera screens. They called it art. I called it cheated 作弊 (zuo\ bi\) .


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