Day 44. Monkey Story

I told my friend about my monkey story today. I feel like it was really something “special” in my life that no one have ever experienced before: confronting with the monkeys.  Yes! And moreover, they took my hot dogs away!

Okay, the story starts with a school in Taiwan. I went to a college that was known for one of the prettiest campus in Taiwan. It has the full view of both the sea and the mountain. The mountain is the natural habitat for Formosan macaques. Anyway, the monkeys there are unbelievable. They thought they are in charge of the whole place. They often run into random people and grab whatever the students have in their hands.

So there was one time, when I just got a hot dog from a convenience store and ready for a big bite of it, I saw something furry under the table which I sat outside the store. I didn’t pay much attention because stray dogs are everywhere in our campus. But then that furry stuff jumped on the table and took the hell out of my hot dog (I didn’t even had the chance to bite). Of course I freaked out, and ran away.

And there was another time the monkey got so hungry that it ran into our dorm room to get food. It was pretty scary and can be listed as one of the most scary moments in my life. So it was like 6 a.m in the morning, when me and other roommates were all in asleep. I heard really loud noise from our room. I ignored the noise at first, but then after I got more conscious, I saw a monkey standing at the broken screen window eating our snacks! It was horrified because the monkey was not very friendly. Every time it came into our room and took something out, we screamed, which made him even more angrier (the monkey jumped into our room to take the food, then jumped back to the window to ate the food there. He did that back and forth for several times). Of course, the next thing I did is to get out of our room for help. Our bed and tables were full of dirty foot steps from the monkey afterward.

One thing I learn from the experience is that if you want to scare a monkey, you should hold a stick or a broom to scare them. Never ever threw something at them because it will make them even more angrier. Oh and also, they can identify the food even if it is in the package (the things the monkey took from our room were some instant noodles, they were sealed, and the monkey knows how to open the bags!).

So those are the monkey 猴子 (ho/ zi‧‧) stories I have. Scary at the moment but was kind of interesting to talk about.

Day 44. In Meijer

Day 44. In Meijer: Shopping at the nuber one grocery store in East Lansing


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