Day 42. Portrait

Now I have three cameras rested in my room. I bring two out today. One digital, one SLR. It feels good to hold a camera, but sometimes it gets really difficult to produce a good picture. This afternoon, I got my subjects ready, but I’m very nervous about getting a nice portrait. I used to be a “landscape” person, shooting a person is much more difficult than I thought. Anyway, it seems like you need to divide the screen into six sections. Then your focus, like the eyes, should be at the point of either one of the intersection. Well, I’m not sure I should follow the rule or not. But I’ll try my best to get the most candid portraits if I can. Found this poem today by Emily Dickinson, beautiful.

A face devoid of love or grace,
A hateful, hard, successful face,
A face with which a stone
Would feel as thoroughly at ease
As were they old acquaintances,–
First time together thrown.
~“A Portrait” by Emily Dickinson

Day 42. Construction site

Day 42. Construction site: A construction site at Wells Hall, MSU.

I have at least five more shootings 攝影 (she\ inV) this week. Long journey to go.


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