Day 39. Sunday

Sunday is my least favorite day in a week. It’s a wake up call for the following week. It’s a day you’ll be thinking of the work and the schedule of the week. Today, P and I went to a group discussion this afternoon. After that, I went home and do nothing whereas she continued two more discussions afterward.

Day 39. Matress boat: A student tried to sail through the river on a matress boat.

Today, I watched two films about North Korea. I was eager to know what is going on in that country since we were talking about it at the party I went last Friday (Yes, we were talking about history and politics in the first place, then the topic went on to weeds and sex after that). But anyway, it is difficult to imagine a country like that is actually existed in the same world as we live in 21th century. It’s a prison camp with horrible living condition and famine issue. People there are dying but still praise for the great leader. I got goose bumps 雞皮疙瘩 (ji- pi- ge- da-) when they cheered.


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