Day 33. Before Inception

I haven’t watched the movie Inception, but I’ve been admired for the director, Christopher Nolan, for quite some times. His The Dark Knight is one of my favorite superhero movies. But today, I’d like to talk about Momento.

It wasn’t the kind of movie you expect to see when you walk into a theater. The movie is like a puzzle. In the first half of the film, you’ll find yourself miserable trying to find what is going on with this person in the movie. In the same time, you’ll also be confused by the shooting technique, an absolutely strange way of telling a story. Then you begin to find the pattern and get used to the wicked style. But you still no clue. Nothing makes sense. It was difficult and definitely needs some patients. About 10 minutes before the end of the film, you and the leading role finally put everything together. And then the crew list arise, you’re wondering if should watch this freakish movie again.

Day 32. Traffic

Day 33. Traffic: Two bikes and a fire truck block the street

Totally worth watching. Weirdest 怪 (guai\) movie ever.


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