Day 31. Soju

This is my first time drinking Soju, a traditional Korean liquor. You drink it in shot glass, and finished it with “hah~~”. But there are actually more rules regarding to the drinking culture in Korea. One if them is that you shouldn’t pour drinks into your own glass. If you did it, the person in front of you will end up having no relationship within two years. I have no idea why pouring drinks will become a curse in Korea, but I’m happy to know one more drink from my exploration towards exotic alcohol.

If you like liquor as Rum or Vodka, Soju is something like Vodka with water. Fresh and not too strong, which you can enjoy several shots without getting trouble.

Day 31. Instant fly

Day 31. Instant fly: Instant tatto of flies specially design for Halloween

Here, I should mention the bad news today. Our football team was beaten by outrageous Iowa and ended up in 37-6. Our first lost in this season. Sigh….. Bottoms up 乾了 (gan-le‧)!


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