Day29. A day of Taiwan

Day 28. Ponyo

Day 29. Ponyo: A smart parrot from Taiwan (Hsinchu, Taiwan)

This image is taken by Miss Tun who is my high school buddy in Taiwan. She suddenly has a crush on birds for no reason. Same thing as her love toward hard liquor. But having a pet bird is really cool. She treats her like a cat or a dog, doing little tickle and let her flying around the house. It is actually kind of difficult for me to understand at the beginning. I’ve never met Ponyo in person, but I bet she is a heck of a bird 鳥 (niaoV).


One thought on “Day29. A day of Taiwan

  1. HA ! Miss Tun has lots of incredible hobbies.
    Something like collecting the bowl from Kang . : D

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