Day 28. People Around the World

It’s always fascinating to know how diverse a job can be in different parts of the world. It is also interesting to dig into the detail of what people do everyday with their jobs. I used to have a job that was interesting to talk about but definitely not enjoyable at the time where the work load and the pressure is overwhelming (I bet all my colleagues can prove my words).  Anyway, it was a company that you get to meet all kinds of people in other companies. I have met people who sell drugs, chips, pizza, vacuum machine, scotch, and so on. People from bank, hospital, top 500 companies, housewives, college rookies, and more.

But how about a job in the lab you have to face flies everyday, a job you sell adult toy to the young generation, a job you teach Caucasian how to speak Chinese, a job you have to deal with backing stuff everyday, a job you write and play your own music around the country, a job to be an interpreter in MLB, a cook, a physician, a scientist, a librarian, a mom? How wonderful is it to have those people around me? It is amazing.

Day 28. Text book

Day 28. Text book: A text book from an advertising class

By the way, I was talking to my colleague about the old days and the change of our company. It was kind of a bitter 苦 (kuV)  sweet 甜 (tian/) experience of my life. :)


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