Day 21. Arrogant Son of a

There’s a certain type of people who just can not stop talking about themselves. I don’t mean myself since I’m writing a blog, you can just choose not to read it. But I’m talking about those they force you to listen to what they are talking and they only talk about one thing: themselves. I really just can’t stand it anymore listening to all those cra_.  Okay. I should talk about the fun stuff I learn today. How can I have the most crappy class and my favorite class in the same day?

So there’s a really cool street artist ( he prefer the name of “photograffeur”), who is doing a series of photo-pasting projects around the world. He chooses to be an anonymous photographer who we only know him as J.R. Now his works have gained public attention and he is the winner of TED Prize 2011. I think his work is very original and is showing human spirit that bring the community alive. There should be more people like him who tries to make a difference to the society without trying to gain any attention. Take a look at his project, I like the one he make eyes on the train and the faces on the ground, so when the train moves, the eyes move from one face to another. Totally awesome 讚 (zan\)!

Day 21. Rooms and roommates

Day 21. Rooms and roommates: A view inside the apartment near campus


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