Day 20. Hey, You. Yes, I mean YOU!

I’m going to release few posts to my friends who lives in different cities around the world. I guess writing everything about me, or East Lansing wouldn’t be that interesting anymore after, I don’t know, 20 days maybe? So….please let me know, my beloved readers, if you would like to share your day with us. I would be so happy to see some photos outside East Lansing….JK.. But, seriously, I mean please let me know. Or I’ll track you down if I can (No, I won’t. But I’ll be crying inside…).

I hope the first non-EL post will be in Taiwan, after all that is my hometown. I wonder how it looks like right now. I bet a lot of people who never been there would love to know more than I do.

Day 20. When Drunk

Day 20. When Drunk: As title

So, you people in Taiwan, I need your photo 照片(zhao\pian\) of the day!


2 thoughts on “Day 20. Hey, You. Yes, I mean YOU!

  1. 你可以share我們的胞胞照阿~我在你喝醉的照片中看見了我們合照的身影XD


  2. ㄟ 你沒搞清楚我部落格的主題耶 要當天的照片拉 每張都是當天熱騰騰的照片 你要不要貢獻一下?可以來個宵夜街

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