Day19. To be Inspired

Sometimes we need to experience new things to get inspired. We watch movies, read magazines, go to museums to find out what’s new, what’s out there. A pure beauty is good, but a beauty that sends you message is strong. No great movies are pure entertainment. The great artists find his/her way to express ideas. I’m lucky enough to take a class that inspires me a lot this semester, though I’m working my ass off to put a 2500 words article together right now. It was a interesting topic, don’t get me wrong.  I’ll summarize my work once I’m done. Trust me, it is fun.

Anyway, here I also want to introduce a blog that I love. If you’re interested. It was a blog creates by Erin that mainly talk about art & fashion. She’s also good at photography, what a cool girl! Introducing: butter and brass奶油與銅 (naiV yo/ yuV tong/).

Day 19. Lights on

Day 19. Lights on: Light guides us to where we want to go





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