Day 12. A Hard Lesson

The first time I visit the States was thirteen years ago. I was in a summer school somewhere in L.A. I remember that one of my classmates from Taiwan told me that there is one word, the only word that you must learn when you come here: “Discrimination.” That was the first time I heard of this word. And was told by a merely 15-year-old kid. I guess I wasn’t really understand what he meant, but later, this word makes itself clearer every time I visit this country.

It was pretty hard to understand when you are back in your country, the safeness and belongingness are something you take for granted back home. But here, being an international students can be stressful from time to time. I’m not saying about the course work, the language, the culture shock that the situations might be different from people to people. But the isolation from being nationally different from American and those people from other countries. It will start from your appearance, luckily, we look absolutely different from white people. So even if you identify yourself as American, your appearance makes people judge you differently from those whites.  The U.S. call themselves the melting pot, but there are still a lot of things in the world won’t melt no matter how many efforts you had made.

It is the human nature that makes similar people get together, discrimination exists everywhere in different levels amongst different cases. Even those from the same country will look people differently based on every possible elements. I guess it was an issue that can never be solved. But it is there. Like a pain in the ass.


Day 12. Bright little Dandelion

Day 12. Bright little Dandelion: Bright little dandelion lights up the meads


By the way, I’m reading about something really cool 酷 (ku\), I hope I’ll have time to write about it in the following 87 days.


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