Day 11. National Day

Here is a Becoming-a-Taiwanese 101 for you: October 10th is the National day of Taiwan. National flag is a combination of red, blue and white. National food are bubble tea and stinky tofu. National icon is (was?) Chien-Ming Wang. National enemy is______(Hummmm, this is a tricky question).


Day 11. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Day 11. Mackinac Island, Michigan: A relaxing moment on the beautiful island


I don’t know why I’m writing this…I guess it was too difficult to write two posts within two hours. So, today is our National Day. You probably already noticed that if you have Taiwanese friend on your facebook. People start changing their profile pictures into our National Flags. Pretty scary. I mean, I never see people from other countries did that. What do we mean by doing that exactly? I guess the reason behind that has something to do with our National characteristic.

But, anyway, Happy birthday, Taiwan! 台灣 (tai/ wan-)!

p.s. Back from the island on time. Picture updated.


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