Day 9. Coffee, Tea, or…Me?

J told me today that she was so surprised to see me writing like this. We’ve known each other for almost six years, this is probably the first time she saw me talking everything about myself. So, this blog basically has nothing to do with East Lansing but me. Surprise!

Okay, that was just kidding. I’ll try my best to make this blog as informative as possible. I hope I won’t be the only person reading my blog at the end. This will be the only post that talk about myself. Just in case that somebody is curious. Maybe?

So, to begin with….I’m a student. I come from Taiwan. I’m a huge Britpop fan. Love Star Wars, Almost Famous, every Disney movie, and Broadways. I drink coffee every morning without sugar. I used to have a cat, his name is John John, love in my life. I hate squirrel, fly, and vampire. My favorite place in the world is 大肚山 (da\ du\ shan-). The end.


Day 9. Tea Party

Day 9. Tea Party: It was nice to have a cup of tea in a sunny Friday afternoon.



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