Day 7. Humanity

I guess when you start taking business class, you start questioning yourself if you’re making the right choice. When you start seeing the dark side of the world, you start pulling away such thought even further, which is that one day you will be the one who makes profit out of people’s misery. This kind of conflict always comes and goes in my life because I’m always, like everybody else, try to escape from it. There’s always something that brings me back to such thought, just like somebody who’s always there, trying to remind me in case I forget.

That person was here today: Warphotographer, a documentary about a famous photographer: James Nachtwey. What he pictured are those images that happen in thousand miles away, but will haunt us for a long time. Some people argued that what he did, taking photos of those in misery, is exploit, or even out of humanity. He stands at a critical position between the victims somewhere in the field of Africa and the audience in the western country. I can see his emotion, sympathy through his picture even he is a unbelievablely quiet, calm, and self-disciplined person. But, somehow, those values will be washed away when you understand the process of such image under western countries before you read it on the magazine. I guess when he returned to the ‘modern’ world, he still need to follow the rules here where the publisher is taking charge of which photos get to show in their magazine. And when he is in the field, he still need to make a perfect shot in the consideration of how western people will view it, in this case, I would say to balance the beauty and the tragedy.

But at the end, you still respect those people who dig themselves into horrible situation and open our eyes when we tend to close them. The conflict between humanity and making profit will be the challenge of my whole life.

Day7. A perfect sky

Day7. A perfect sky: the perfect combinition of blue and white over the sky

By the way, I am obsessed with documentary lately. I think I’m becoming a dorky土 (tuV) person.



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