Day 6. Where is East Lansing?


Day 6. One of those days

Day 6. After school: Students practice at the lawn before the game


I assumed that most people don’t know where East Lansing is before that apply the school. They probably, like me, have heard about Michigan, but not Lansing, not possible.

Like all other college towns, East Lansing is a tiny little place, big enough to have a university. But that just it. Consider the whole town is made with college students. Everything is about school. You’ve got to come here during summer. If you thought you can survive during the winter, you are wrong. The winter here is NOT what you see in my picture here. Imagine the picture with the same color of the sky, but everything else in white. (btw, you won’t see any student there of course)  Then you get the picture of East Lansing in winter. It’s cold, bitter cold. I have to give some credits to those who live in Alaska or Canada. They are the true survivors. So after 100 days of shooting, you will pretty much get the whole picture of East Lansing.

Today, I had a presentation (about a soup company that I mentioned in the previous post). Then I came home. Watched “How I Met Your Mother” and “Glee.” Totally forgot I have yoga on Tuesday. I should stop thinking about taking pictures all the time.

One more thing, East Lansing in Chinese: 東蘭辛 (dong- lan/ xin-)


2 thoughts on “Day 6. Where is East Lansing?

  1. I like your writing and It is wonderful to watch American TV series after the presentation~!!

    BTW: I am watching Glee recently,too.

    Keep writing~~!

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