Day 2. 98 days to go

I’m going to change my blog name to : 100 days of East Lansing. So making 100 photos will be my objective here. That will make more sense right? Though the name is really lame for a blog, like who cares about East Lansing….Well, that will be part of the challenge, too, you know. Making 100 cool pictures of East Lansing certainly is not an easy job, especially by me…

Anyway, I’ll talk more about East Lansing in the future posts. O, and by the way, for those of you don’t know, East Lansing is the city I currently live, somewhere in Michigan, U.S.A.


Day2. Learning Chinese

Day2. Learning Chinese: College student is correcting her answers from the Chinese quiz she took early this week


Speaking of the states, it’s interesting to know that many Americans now are taking Chinese class. Since the day I got here, I’ve been talking to plenty of American strangers in Chinese. Just tonight, when P and I were waiting for the bus, a looking-drunk white male started talking to us in funny Chinese. Amazing, not because he was speaking in Chinese, but because he was speaking in Chinese while drunk. But yeah, my point is, you have to go so far to the states to know that Chinese is being appreciated by more and more people. So, actually I’m very proud of speaking in Chinese, being a bilingual. And I really respect those Americans who try their asses off to learn Chinese. To be honest, it is a really difficult language. Even me have trouble (a lot) answering their questions about the grammar or structure.

Today, I was answering some questions that one of my friends has trouble with in her Chinese class. She started learning Chinese in her high school, and now she can write better than my brother (though she writes in simplified Chinese, which I’m kind of pissed off…jk ). Her favorite Chinese word is “ice”: 冰 (bing-)


6 thoughts on “Day 2. 98 days to go

  1. 我的功課被你的狗吃了 XDD

    PS 外國人喝醉講中文的道理,似乎等同於中國人喝醉講英文,哈哈~~

  2. 哈哈 這篇好有趣

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