The begin of day one

Alright, to not disappointed by my three readers…O wait, forgot to count my previous roommate, so four readers, I’m going to post my very first photo of the day!


Day 1: Rehearsal

Day 1. Rehearsal: Students rehearsed before the coming up game on Saturday


Big game coming up this Saturday and students are preparing for their best hit for cheering up for our Spartan football team. ( We’ll be against school W and kick their ass back to W state!)

I took several shots this afternoon for the scene, however, I choose this picture because the little girl in pink makes this picture stood out. Anyway, not bad for my first day right? I think I nail it. What do you think?

Alright, enough. I just wanna make sure that you guys can see the best quality of the photo, you know, not just photo of my room or photo of nonsense.  I hope my photography skill will improve through this. You guys will be my judge.

I think that is all for today, if I happen to stop by the big game on Saturday, I’ll make sure that my camera is with me and I’ll post the picture of the game for sure. Wait and see.

By the way, I’m baking apple pie now, happy! : )

Love 愛 (ai\)


2 thoughts on “The begin of day one

  1. 你的一小步,是胞胞的一大步,哈哈~我就依靠這裡來update你的現況囉!!

    btw 照片中天空的雲好美啊!!!
    btw 2 我也想吃你的 apple pie : )

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