O well

So this is my first blog, publicly, at least. Thanks to the course called: New Media Driver License. I hope this place will not be abandoned after I pass the class, hopefully. I mean…how hard could that be? right? To have a blog is like having a diary, but with dozens of strangers as your audience. Okay, I think I just freaked myself out. I don’t even share my life with my closed friends, how can I write something that everybody is watching. O wait, what if no body is watching? Anyway, I’ll just consider this blog to be a place I can write whatever I like and pretend like I don’t care if there’s people actually reading it. How about that?

But to have a blog, according to my instructor, having a blog is not a easy cake. Here’s what he thinks should include in the blog:

Steps to launching your own blog:
1. Develop your theme or idea.
2. Choose the name for your blog.
3. Choose a blog host.
4. Set up your blog.
5. Choose a Theme for your blog.
6. Customize your blog title and description.
7. Marvel at your brilliance.
8. Write your first post.
9. Get some links
10. Add a blog roll with some neat blogs listed there.
11. Link to your blog from your class homework post.

So yeah, pretty scary I know. Now I start to think if I can drop the class…jk….
Hummmmmm……so the theme…..here it goes: A picture a day.
I come up with this idea because one of my friend on facebook, he’s doing that and I think he starts about half an year ago, I don’t know if he is still doing it. But this seems like a pretty bold challenge. So this post might be the only post without picture. How about that?
I’ll make sure I won’t post some boring stuff like the picture of my room or something, only if somebody request.
O and beside the picture, I’ll be writing something I’m interested in, for example food, movie, books…and something I care. Well, I haven’t think of a cool name of the blog yet. I’ll work on that later.
That’s about it. See you here tomorrow. 明天見 (ming/ tian- jian\)

7 thoughts on “O well

  1. In order to support you to pass this social media whatever, I’d like to leave your a comment without any productive comment. lol However, don’t post your room even someone request. what if a weird guy (scary) lol

  2. Dear Amy,
    look forward to your daily update of your life
    and i think it would be interesting!!
    (do you feel the pressure yet?)
    miss you

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